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In 2002, master culinary chef Rossano Boscolo’s love for pizza and sport gave birth to the “Pizza in a Cone”. Rossano set about creating this pizza that can be eaten on the move, a pizza that is healthier, but does not take away from what we know and love as the “Authentic Italian Pizza”!

Since then, Konopizza has gone global, with stores in Italy, Korea, throughout Europe, Canada, the Middle East, the US and Australia. Rossano’s “Pizza on the Go” is made with care using quality ingredients, and is ready for all! We dare all to challenge the status quo and become a fan of Kono, to be healthy, active and on-the-go.

Our Values


Konopizza is the original pizza in a cone!
We create authentic Italian pizza with dough and pizza sauces direct from Italy.


It’s all in the cone. Easy to eat on-the-go, this hot, tasty delight is perfect for those who are active and on the move.


Admittedly, we embrace being different. However, we do not compromise on flavour. Our fresh, hot Konopizzas are filled with delicious sauces, deli meats and vegetables, and are smothered in bubbling Mozzarella cheese – tasting just as amazing as they should!


We use fresh ingredients, and authentic pizza dough made from low gluten flour, oil, yeast and water. Love and care is put into the creation of every Konopizza.

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